5 Stars Nusantara SSTV Award

The 5 Stars Nusantara SSTV Award is an award given to all radio amateurs or SWL who succeeded in decoding SSTV images at the Lunar Exploration event December 26-31 2021 from the ISS satellite.
The condition is to send a diploma or award and not to send pictures of SSTV. Minimum 4 awards from Indonesia Club/Community Satellite. ONLY send diplomas obtained from:

  1. InSpacE (Indonesia)*
  2. Astrac (Indonesia)*
  3. B’Sattrac (Indonesia)*
  4. Madsate (Indonesia)*
  5. Other DX SSTV Award/Diploma likes ARISS, Russia SSTV, Czech, ECRA, ISS Fan Club Poland, EKUADOR – HC Satelites Group, BAKTRAD  REMEASAT, TRAC etc.

Just Send 5 Diploma/award SSTV at the Lunar Exploration event December 26-31 2021 from the ISS satellite.

Submit award file (NOT SSTV image), until 6 Feb 2022,  Application form : form CLOSE.

Download 5 Stars Nusantara SSTV Award

13 thoughts on “5 Stars Nusantara SSTV Award

  • Help me!

    I can not upload SSTV award.

    I try to upload SSTV award form, but I can not upload.

    The screen says “Rejected by the server”.

    Please give me 5 Stars Nusantara SSTV Award.

    I complete Indnesia’s award cards.

    You can check it by looking at my website.

    Please help me.

    • the type of file upload are PDF, JPG or PNG, but if you cannot access try with other email, please.

  • Leveau Patrick / F0GND
    J’ai commis une erreur dans l’envoie du premier fichier de diplôme car j’ai envoyer le diplôme ARISS SSTV AWARD a la place de INDONESIAN INSPACE EXPORER.
    Est il possible de corriger cette erreur et d’envoyer le bon diplôme.
    Merci d’avance de votre réponse.
    Cordialement Leveau Patrick / F0GND

    Leveau Patrick / F0GND
    I made a mistake in sending the first diploma file because I sent the ARISS SSTV AWARD diploma instead of INDONESIAN INSPACE EXPORER.
    Is it possible to correct this error and send the correct diploma.
    Thank you in advance for your response.
    Sincerely, Leveau Patrick / F0GND

    • Hi, Partrick, please resend with another email, browser or try clear cache.

    • please, resend it with another email and another browser or try to clear cache.

  • I did not translate the conditions well, I didn’t send a diploma, but an SSTV picture. Now in the form of sending I can not change …

  • QR the code on the diploma does not match. US5ZBM. 73!

    • we repair it. try download again, please.

  • Where is my award?
    I am IK6FFL in JN62TU

  • Submitted my sstv images. Until now dont have my diploma.

    Thank you

  • Submitted already sstv images til now dint receive diploma.


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